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"I am Love" tea Blend starts off with the POWEFUL words 'I am Love' infused with the vibration of Love by speaking the words. This blend is a reminder to Live your Life full of LOVE. Starting with Self Love, then allowing it to overflow. As you sip on this tea, say the Affimation "I am Love' and enjoy this blend.

This blend is made of organic Hibiscus, organic Rose Hip, Rose buds & organic Elderberry.

The Flavor is tart with earthy undertones. With a sweetener like honey, the flavor balances out with a sweet & tart taste.

This product is loose leaf tea that will come with a heart shaped tea infuser, along with a small wood tea scooper. To add the cherry on top, your blend will come with a heart shaped rose quartz as a reminder to focus on the vibration of Love as you enjoy your tea.

I am Love loose leaf tea

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